The Extraordinary Book ClubSecond Chakra at a Glance

Hello bookworms!

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This month is dedicated to Svadhisthana Chakra aka sweetness, all about that unreciprocated orgasm (receiving one that is) and so much more!  For your reference you can take a peek at p.104-105.

Svadisthana Chakra

Affirmations and inquiries for the month.  Let us know if  you create some of your own, would love to add them to the list!

In this video I present some additional inquiries into the second chakra and go over p.104-105.


Over to you! So when was the last time you received an unreciprocated orgasm?  If you never have or if its been a while…well then that’s your homework for the month, and if you want you can report back.  If you received one last night, well then you have quite the sweet life 🙂