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Svadishthana Yoga Flow

Svadhisthana Chakra is all about that sweetness in life.

Questions for your inquiry ~

How often is guilt the motivator behind your choices?  What is your believe behind pleasurable experiences? Can you/do you indulge in any capacity? Do you deflect compliments or are you able to receive them?

Balanced characteristics ~

graceful movements, fluidity, flow, emotional intelligence, ability to communicate feelings, experience pleasure, nourishment of oneself and others, embrace change, flexibility.

Try this chakra yoga flow designed by Anodea Judith to balance the 2nd chakra.

 Over to you!  Are you a pleasure seeker or find trouble indulging in life’s simple pleasures?  Think of one way you might be able to bring some balance in your life.  The reality is we all indulge, the difference is awareness.  When we bring awareness into our sweetness we begin to find joyful moments more and more in life.


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