Ilona Barnhart is a certified Human Design Reader – interpreting charts from a new system of self-discovery which reconnects humans to who they came here to be.

after discovering it in 2018, she has helped hundreds of people gain clarity on all sort of issues; her expertise and scope pertain to career, purpose, love, parenting, and over-all wellness.

in Human Design speak, Ilona is a 5/1 (the challenge solver) sacral manifesting generator (the multi-hyphenate). using the system to guide her, she became a mum in 2022 to a 4/6 self-projected projector and currently lives in Southern California with her soulmate, a 5/1 sacral generator, and their two pups.

Ilona’s on a mission to unbecome everything she thought she should be. knowing that when she lives from a soul-centered place, her life is deeply fulfilling and satiating. It’s her joy and passion to reconnect you with your true self too.