Ilona Barnhart is a certified Human Design Reader – interpreting charts from a new system of self-discovery which reconnects humans to who they came here to be.

after discovering it in 2018, she has helped hundreds of people gain clarity on all sort of issues; her expertise and scope pertain to career, purpose, love, parenting, and over-all wellness.

in Human Design speak, Ilona is a 5/1 (the challenge solver) sacral manifesting generator (the multi-hyphenate). using the system to guide her, she became a mum in 2022 to a 4/6 self-projected projector and currently lives in Southern California with her soulmate, a 5/1 sacral generator, and their two pups.

Ilona’s on a mission to unbecome everything she thought she should be. knowing that when she lives from a soul-centered place, her life is deeply fulfilling and satiating. It’s her joy and passion to reconnect you with your true self too.

background + experience

July 28th 1984 – Born under a dark moon in generous and courageous Leo, in Zakopane Poland

1993 – My family and I migrate to the USA

1998 – Mom gifts first tarot deck (8th grade)

2000’s – Spent running and hiding from my gifts

2011 – Travel to South Lake Tahoe, CA, was reintroduced to tarot, and gifted a Osho Tarot deck

2013 – I graduate college with a B.A in Cultural Anthropology

2013 – Marry my person

2014 – Take the leap and move to SoCal – to bask and heal in the endless summer

2015 – I answer the call to stop self-harming and start to heal 

2016 – Studies in YOGA and energy work begin, 200 hr certified

2018 – Human Design Studies begin with Ra Uru Hu’s recordings + Reading Charts Professionally

2019 – Level 1 + 2 HD Reader Training with Jenna Zoe + Become one of Jenna’s Recommended Readers

2019 – Continued Advanced Yoga studies in BALI, 100 hrs with Megan Currie

2021 – Foundations of Magic Training with KIKI Robinson the Opulent Witch

2021 – Contribute to myHumanDesign APP

2021 – Reiki 1 + 2 with Lara Elliott

July 28th 2022 – Gave birth, at home, on my Birthday, to my daughter a triple Leo and a Self-Projected Projector

2022 – Advanced Level 3 Human Design Reader Training with Jenna Zoe

2023 – Stepped into my gifts even more. Answered the call to be of service on all levels that are authentic to me

2024 – TikTok LIVE Animal Spirit Readings

2024 – Created Human Design Kids

grounded + intuitive

studies of esoteric sciences and the human condition have always fascinated me (it’s the Pisces rising). It wasn’t until I started asking bigger life questions in my late 20’s that sent me on the path that I’m on today – alchemizing everything I’ve learned and been through to connect you deeper with yourself.

I used to go-with-the-flow, do everything everyone else wanted to do, I had no preferences, “no worries” was my philosophy. I know now that was a mask – I was hiding. I also didn’t know who I was, what I really wanted or what my soul purpose was. I felt empty and attempted to fill that hole with many many different things. Dimming my light, my gifts, my beauty, my kindness, my generosity, my true self, my soul.

I’ve matured

I’ve discovered and learned to trust my intuitive gifts. and now I used them help others live the life they’ve always knew was theirs to live but didn’t know how to get there. I use my deep experienced knowledge of Human Design to guide you to your True Self. I provide you with practice tips on how to build your trust muscle, connect you deeply with yourself and therefore life itself. guided by your internal compass you get to choose the life your soul craves. you live YOUR life by YOUR rules, no one else’s.

here for you

x Ilona