The Human Design Book Club

– be the YOU that you came here to be –

your bookworm bestie, a complementary guide to:

human design – the revolutionary system that shows you who you came here to be, by Jenna Zoe

what started as a book club meeting weekly, has become an archived well of resources. with over 14 hours of deep dives into the Human Design System. guided by one of Jenna’s recommended readers, providing you with EXTRA and dare I say “secret” insights you would only get in a Private Human Design Reading

the library of videos includes:

Chapter 1: Your Human Design Chart

Chapter 2: Your Energy Types – Manifestor

Chapter 2: Your Energy Types – Generator

Chapter 2: Your Energy Types – Manifesting Generator

Chapter 2: Your Energy Types – Projector

Chapter 2: Your Energy Types – Reflector

Chapter 3: Your Strategy – Informing & Responding

Chapter 3: Your Strategy – Being Carried & Being Invited

Chapter 4: Your Signature and Not-Self

Chapter 5: Your Authority

Chapter 6: Your Profile pt. 1

Chapter 6: Your Profile pt. 2

Chapter 7: Your Gifts

Conclusion: Living Your Design

instant access to the entire library – that’s 14+ hours of video discussions diving DEEP and BEYOND the topics covered in the book


infinite access

14+ hours of insights, tips, and inspiration

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