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Follow Your Bliss

Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s words ~ Follow Your Bliss is my mantra for the year, maybe even a lifetime.

On this past winter solstice what began in my yoga teacher training came full circle ~ the words ‘follow your bliss’ resinated with me on such a deep level and all of a sudden things sort of made sense.  Although I’m currently on a journey of self exploration, growth and transformation it wasn’t until I heard those words that I knew what exactly this voyage would look like.  It’s still more of a feeling, a felt sense of being guided or navigating from somewhere much more ancient and knowledgeable then myself.  Finding a restful and peaceful place.  Once again cultivating a dynamic relationship with something greater than myself, that I have misunderstood and put off to the side for way too long.

This video just barely scratches the surface, but it does begin the conversation about following your bliss and how it has show up in my life and continues to transform it.  Such a simple yet liberating and powerful phrase.

Over to you!  What are your initial thoughts when you hear the phrase ‘follow your bliss’?  How does or how would that show up in your life?  Is the concept terrifying or liberating?


Moon Yoga
Mindfulness 1:1

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