Human Design Graphic in New Zealand Field Ilona Barnhart

Human Design is an in-depth reading of the individual. The unique gift it brings to the world is its insight into who you were before you became what the world told you to be.

With practical ways to decondition and unlearn all of that programming you gain permission to be YOU unapologetically.

It's literally a roadmap to your most magnetic, authentic and blissful self.

Each and everyone of you have been given something others have never ever in the whole history of humanity had access to. Basic entry code that will allow you to access the characteristics of your nature.

Ra Uru HuFounder of The Human Design System


  • Each reading is at least an hour in length
  • You will learn what specific programming you piked up and how to decondition form it
  • The strengths you can relay on over and over again and what to do to build them up
  • How to cultivate consistent FLOW, EASE, and BLISS in your day to day
  • The unique gifts you bring to the world
  • And so much more!


A Human Design chart reading is for anyone and everyone.

Particularly useful for parents, imagine not having to unlearn 30+ years of social, familial, and biblical conditioning.


The Five Types of human Design Ilona Barnhart with Unravel Bliss
Manifestor | Generator | MG | Projector | Reflector

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Projector Aura Energy Type in Human Design Nutrition Facts
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I recently had my Human Design chart read by Ilona and I was truly amazed. I felt so seen, and so perfectly described. She did an amazing job at translating the meaning behind all of the overwhelming aspects of my chart (well… overwhelming to me as a total HD newbie, hah). I am now so intrigued by the Human Design system, and I plan to look into the charts of my children, to help guide me as their mother, in upholding their authenticity. It is clear to me that Ilona’s understanding of HD goes beyond just being well learned, she also understands it intuitively in a way that allows her to bring all of the separate aspects of a chart into a beautifully cohesive reading. If you’re at all interested in HD I definitely recommend working with Ilona!

2/5 MGAkashic Record's Reader

I’ve known Ilona for nearly 2 decades now and counting 🙂 Our friendship has been and is one of the best and favorite things in my life. A source of love, support, understanding, imagination and creativity. An existential, metaphysical, soul inquiring journey of growth, revelations and really big joy! Both grounding and catapulting, it’s been a rock-solid, stable source of safety and peace to me, inspiring some serious gratitude and wonder <3

Ilona is a person of deep integrity, passion, dedication and focus. She is warm, open and clear minded. She is lovingly non-judgemental, appreciative and accepting of herself and others. Because of these qualities and many more, combined with her knowledge and living experience of human design, I have and happily continue to encourage others to take advantage of her service.

I highly recommend it to anyone open to gaining a deeper understanding of themselves. Anyone open to considering trying another way of functioning in this life. Anyone open to an approach that could uncover a blueprint, a roadmap to step into and live according to their unique potential. Maybe you’re in a dark place in your life right now. Or feel stuck. Maybe you want to experience more flow in your life, more ease of being, doing. Maybe you feel like you’re not living at full capacity. Or questioning your career choice or relationships. Maybe you’re just curious about yourself. Whether you’re vibing high or low, or anywhere in between, if you’re open to a relatively new perspective on any or all of those things or so many others, wherever you’re at, you’ve also made it here to this webpage - and if you’re thinking about trying it out, do it! I appreciated Ilona’s simple encouragement to just give it a try. See if it resonates. With me it does.

Ilona provided me with practical instructions according to my human design which have given me new insight and guidance. In having my chart read by her I was floored by how many accurate and powerful affirmations I came face to face with. It was like seeing myself in a mirror of cosmic love and acceptance. Having myself explained and revealed to myself in significant detail. I was shocked at how accurately my inner/outer workings, motivations and desires were described. Like, down to the bones of my heart. It was incredibly affirming. Experiencing affirmation in my life is hugely important to me.

It’s medicine. It makes me feel like I’m who and where I should be, even and especially in the midst of a place of lack of direction and purpose. A reminding. Thank you for the reminders and the advice, Ilona. And for your friendship, too 🙂 Even though there simply isn’t enough time in the world for everyone to be able to have the same awesome friendship I’ve been fortunate to have with her, Ilona has the space, the heart, the skill and the capacity to guide, encourage and help others facilitate their own healing and becoming, as she has for me for so many years. I can not recommend her highly enough and I’m so happy that the world at large can benefit from her very special insight, gifts and love through the system of human design 🙂

Sacral MGMelly

My Human Design experience with Ilona was beautiful. The way she communicates so intuitively makes it resonate that much more. Finding out I’m a Generator made so much sense, but I learned so much about myself in such a short amount of time. I recorded the meeting to reflect on as much as I wanted, and I do often. I highly recommend doing that since there’s so much being said, it’s easy to forget important aspects and details of the conversation. 

 Anyone wanting to dig deeper and learn more about themselves on a whole other, unique level should definitely set up a get together with this amazing woman.

2/4 GeneratorNanny

Since I can remember, I have always empathized with what other people in my life were going through; to a very strong and very intense degree. I thought this was normal, something everyone felt. Upon getting my reading from Ilona, everything became clearer. Like a camera lens focusing on this big, beautiful picture. I am a Reflector.

Growing up, I loved reading my horoscopes, getting to know more about my astrology, and waiting to see what the stars had in store for me. I am a total number and word nerd. My human design reading uncovered things about me that horoscopes/astrology had not. I am so grateful that Ilona offered me a reading as a birthday present this year. That meant the world to me. It also opened up a whole new world to me and a sense of perspective I did not have before.

I think a HDR from Ilona was a wonderful way to get to know myself in depth, and better understand how I tick, why I do what I do, and how it impacts everyone around me.

4/6 ReflectorTeacher, Comedian, & More

As a system it feels like a big fat all encompassing radiating hug.


Ilona opened me up to a whole new way of being my authentic self! Finding out that I’m a Generator brought me great relief in understanding my “always working on something” tendencies and always wanting to create more, more, more especially when I feel inspired and often becoming burnt out from taking on too much! When she said my Strategy is to wait to respond... I was shocked because I’ve seen the most success in my life when I’ve waited to respond to opportunities versus trying to make them happen. As she read my chart I just felt like she was reading an unwritten book about me! The most interesting to me has been understanding where I am most susceptible to conditioning and beginning to unravel it all so I can feel more satisfied and less frustrated. I’m excited to keep going deeper down the rabbit hole.

6/2 GENERATORWomen's Health Advocate & Business Strategist

Ilona Barnhart stole my heart! When I first met her and took her yoga classes, I was immediately drawn to her calm and grounding presence, and bonus, her classes were amazing! As I started to learn about human design, it was just a casual conversation around the “water cooler” with all the gals but it was Ilona’s in-depth knowledge that she would share which really perked my ears. As she continued to study and share her POV, her intuition and knowledge, I knew I had to get a reading from her. Especially because HD isn’t the easiest to navigate (at least for me!) having my chart read by Ilona was eye opening, reassuring and she helped explain why I felt certain ways with certain situations. With her explanation it also gave me an idea of what to expect when I manifest, how to do it, the timing and what I can do to feel more empowered by pointing out my strengths (and opportunities!) I could go on but really, I just loved my time with Ilona and would highly recommend anyone who is curious about human design to sit down with her. You will feel so confident about your next steps & path after a conversation with her!

6/2 MGLife Coach

Had my human design reading done by Ilona last week; I’m still in utter shock about the outcome. I truly felt like she was in my body and mind- thinking what I was thinking and knowing me like I though nobody else could; she understood me like nobody else could.. (or so I though) ... this is deep. This isn’t just on the surface kinda stuff this is the ‘it’s ok to be you.. you’re beautiful because you’re original’ kinda stuff. This is that kind of thing that tells you it’s ok to have these things society calls ‘faults’ and this reading takes your ‘bad’ side and makes you feel beautiful again.


I didn’t want her to stop talking. It was the best thing I’ve heard in my lifetime- this will teach you that’s it’s ok and perfectly ok to be you, as long as you know that’s it’s how you’re designed you’ll learn through the reading how to navigate through life and make the best of your ‘worst self’ - but trust me- once Ilona is done with you you’ll stop feeling sorry for yourself and slowly, but surely you’ll feel alive again. You’ll start to regain your strength and beauty again- I promise you this- she won’t let you down! I mean,. Down to my daughter with whom I’ve been having issues at home with. Her ways of not doing what I ask would frustrate me beyond measure but once Ilona did her reading I realized that my daughter is built a certain way and it’s beautiful and she can’t help it so why should she be shamed and get into trouble for being her?! So for the last week we’ve tried a different approach and to say things have started shifting towards a new positive would be an understatement!


Highly recommend this to everyone and anyone. We are all built so different- and we’re not all cookie cutter as Human beings.. therefore our approach should be almost ‘custom made’ to achieve our fullest and our most positive outcomes in life! I cannot wait for our second call/reading about my other kids!

2/5 Warrior Buddhasis

I’m not sure what I would have done without your guidance the last year and a half since I had Max! I would not be the mother, partner, whole human I am today without you! I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next year.

1/3 PROJECTORStudent of Life, Mom, Writer, Dancer, Traveler, Entrepreneur, Yogi