Human Design

Human Design is a new self-discovery tool based on ancient and modern sciences such as the Chakras, Kabbala, I-Ching, and Astrology

It all starts with your chart. You’ll need your natal information – that’s your birth time, date, and location.

My Human Design Chart

Your Chart

Your chart is a blueprint to your most authentic, TRUE self.

All the numbers, lines, and shapes offer clues and insights on how your energy is meant to be expressed in the most effortless and optimal way to live out your purpose.

When you lean into what makes you unique life feels easeful and fun.

When you try to “fit in” life feels hard and indifferent.

In a Human Design Reading with Ilona you’ll learn about your uniqueness, your gifts, and how to lean into your TRUE self so that you can live out your purpose.

There are five distinct energy types in Human Design

Learn more about the five energy types 👉