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Seventh Chakra At A Glance

Hi bookworms!

Hard to believe it’s our last and final chakra together!  Let’s dive in, Sahasrara the lustrous gem aka the crown chakra is about our connection to all that is, complete absorption in a moment, and celebrating individuality while recognizing our interconnectedness.  The shadow side of Sadasrara is attachment.

“Through pain and not getting what I want and expect, I learn the most about my attachments and about myself, and thus I can grow.” – Charles Whitfield.

Healing practices include connecting to nature and family, reestablishing physical and emotional connection, and meditation.

There is a consciousness that is deeply intelligent and ancient as time, and it forms the underlying unity of the cosmos.  It is not created by our minds or brains, as some scientists suggest; rather, our brains are tools for perceiving that consciousness: our minds are the repositories of it and our bodies are the processors of it.  Just as the Internet is a vast field of virtual information, accessed by our attention through our personal computers, life is a vast field of consciousness from which we download a tiny portion through our own awareness.  And just like the browsers on our computers, what we download depends on where our consciousness is directed.” – Anodea Judith in Chakra Yoga.

I go over the seventh chakra at a glance and follow Anodea Judith’s outline on page 390 – 391, for your reference.  Join the conversation wether or not you have or are currently reading the book, there is always something to glean.  Finally, I send you off by connecting us to the breath and reading the affirmations out loud.  Here is yet another opportunity for you to practice self-awareness by noting what stirs within as I read them.  It might be a subtle thing in the body that would otherwise go unnoticed, follow it, see where it leads you to.

Over to you!  We are almost done with our first book how does it feel?

On another note, over the years I have realized just how important my connection to something greater, universe, god, really is.  Its impact reaches deep to my core.  I had no idea just how much I missed and yearned for it until I was reconnected.  Like a coming home to a warm and sincere embrace after years of travel and a 36 hour flight.  It was a long funky journey, and although I know less than ever before I feel completely at ease.  More on that in our virtue meet up at the end of the month but I’m curious to know what role does spirituality play in your life?  Do you want it to be a part of your life?  Do you not want it to be, like ever? Do you think about it at all?  Curious.


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