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Ajna Chakra Yoga Flow

Seeing Our Way Through


D R I S H T I || a Sanskrit word that means gaze.

“In studying the brain, scientists have found that “neurons that fire together wire together.”   What you focus on and habitually associate with literally shapes the neural structure of your brain, creating habits of thinking.  This, in turn, shapes your experience and attitude toward life.  Modern neuroscience tells us that the brain naturally focuses on what’s wrong as an ancient survival mechanism…Rick Hanson states that the brain is like Velcro for bad experience -which tend to stick- but Teflon for good experience-which quickly slip away.  It takes conscious effort to soak your neural network in the positive experiences and a continued redirection of your attention to reshape the habits of your brain.” – excerpt from Chakra Yoga by Anodea Judith.

Another way I learned to rewire neuron pathways comes from the teachings of the Abrahams and has to do with choosing to move toward a higher vibration.  Essentially, our thoughts generate feelings which generate frequencies that attracts like frequencies.  Any frequency that is higher than your starting point will begin to create a conscious shift.  Love and joy being the highest vibrating frequencies.  Which I will dive into much further detail in our virtual meet up this Thursday.

This yoga flow is great for anyone who wants to stretch out their eyeballs, yes you heard me right, eyeballs, upper back, and potentially get upside down.  Inversions are not required but can be a source of balance and excitement in one’s practice.  I don’t flip upside down myself in this flow but provide ample time for those who choose to. Enjoy!

Over to you!  What healing practice/s from Eastern Body Western Mind did you find most enjoyable?  I absolutely love coloring!   Most recently though, I have been exploring different meditation as well as mindfulness techniques and I have to say as challenging as it is to find time, I never regret any minute spent diving into such practices.


Order the book, Anodea Judith’s Chakra Yoga, here http://amzn.to/2wEQElJ


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