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Yoga with Ilona Barnhart a YouTube Channel

You asked for it and it’s finally here.  Yoga classes with Ilona are now available anytime and anywhere through the use of beautiful connective technology.  Here’s your chance to plug-in to unplug from your day at your convenience.  I will post a new video each Wednesday beginning with August 2nd, 2017.  Make sure to subscribe to the channel and never miss a video.

I am super excited to begin to offer yoga regularly on such a wide platform and support your home practice.  It is my hope you will find the channel helpful and pass on the information.  I have designed the classes in such a way that they will build on one another, although they can stand on their own.  These four playlists or categories, learn, connect, warm up, and practice, aid in navigating through the channel as well as offer options for your home practice.

LEARN ||  is a playlist dedicated to yoga elements or the basics, breaking down concepts, poses as well as sharing important information relating to your yoga practice.

CONNECT || is a space designed for breath-work or pranayama in Sanskrit.  The breath is a tool we use to connect our mind and body.  Here we cultivate intention for our practice.

WARM UP|| is all about creating adequate heat in our bodies in preparation for our practice.

PRACTICE || is a playlist most suited for the adventurous spirit, the experience seeker, the doer, the explorer.  It welcomes everyone and has been specifically designed for individuals who are curious about yoga as well as anyone returning after a pause.

I welcome you to class.  It is my hope you find nothing other than love and support here.

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