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Life As A Manifesting Generator || Ep. 2

 Life As A Manifesting Generator – My Human Design Experiment

This current lunar eclipse, occurring today (7/27/18) is ushering a major reset in my life on ALL levels. Not only are we moving but I am creating space in my life so that the Universe can show up as my personal shopper – experimenting with my human design which my type is manifesting generator. Watch my life transform before your very own eyes as I surrender more and more.

While I surrened and create space I will be diving deep into Human Design, learning all I possibly can about it, because my curiosity is peaked and I’m following my bliss.

Over to you!

Have you heard of Human Design? If not no worries, it’s fairly new. Easiest way to figure out what type you are is to google human design chart or body graph. You’ll need the time and location of your birth. Let me know what type you are in the comments below! I for one have never been so accurately described in my life. Eerie! That’s the reason I’m giving this entire thing a whirl. What do you think? Are you intrigued?



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