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What’s Blocking Your Manifestation || THE RAD & BLISSFUL SHOW || Ep. 1

The Subconscious Mind and Human Domestication – Two Forces Behind Manifestation

According to Dr. Cathy Collautt the subconscious mind is 97% more powerful than the conscious mind. Downloaded by the age of 7 or 14 it has tremendous ramifications on how we co-create the life we live. For instance, if you desire that partner, or home or whatever, but on the subconscious level you believe you are not worthy (mainly due to the social conditioning that occurred while you were growing up) than the subconscious wins and you don’t manifest your desire. It’s pure energetics…for an in depth discussion press play.


hello and welcome to the RAD & BLISSFUL Show - wellness life hacks for an
extraordinary life. I'm your host Ilona Barnhart, artist, yogi, mindfulness

I intend to use this platform to spark conversations around all things
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Today I want to talk to you about the book that I’m getting back into which is
The Four Agreements. It’s my second time reading it. I’m not gonna talk to you about the whole entire book but just the intro because as I started reading it and was shocked at how many things just jumped out at me in a completely new way. Because I’m in a different place than I was from the first time reading this book which wasn’t even that long ago, maybe over a year ago. I’ve been seeing The Four Agreements for quite some time, throughout my life I would see glimpses of it. I was always a little intrigued but never actually got the book myself. Until a student, actually we sparked a conversation up about it and she got me a whole box set full of Don Miguel Ruiz books and it’s been an incredible gift this student gave me. I appreciate and loved it.

What jumps out at me the most in the intro is this, Don just jumps right into social conditioning which we often don’t talk about but it’s something that impacts us so much. It literally impacts how we show up in the world. Don bases and coins this concept of human domestication and how the people in power gain power by creating sheep in society. They don’t want the wolves and the Lions that think for themselves that rebel. To train kids to be wolves and lions in society versus the lamb that follows orders is quite challenging but he just brings it up and brings it to awareness and allows us to potentially notice the patterning, noticing when social conditioning is no longer serving you and as an individual in your life. Love it.

And among other reasons why this concept of social conditioning or human domestication as he calls it is so important is because by the age of 7, some believe it’s 14, that the entire subconscious is downloaded. Right. So let that sink in. By the time you’re 7 or 14 around that time range, your entire subconscious is downloaded and from what I learned from Dr. Cathy Colette is that the subconscious is 97% more powerful than the conscious mind.

So you might be thinking like what does that mean? Basically, if I desire something and want to bring it to fruition in terms of like manifesting or just wanting for things to work out in a certain way. If in my subconscious, on that energetic subconscious, level my programming is saying no because of limiting beliefs that have been imprinted on me when I was younger, than that won’t happened because my subconscious is way more powerful than my conscious mind the way.

To bring the subconscious mind in alignment with your conscious desires and thoughts, is by doing the work. First recognizing the patterns, DO work around them and then being released from them. I’m sure you’ve heard this phase that it – you know that you’ve done work around something when the situation itself doesn’t change but your perception does. Then you’re in that empowered state of being able to make a choice wether to stay in that situation or not or not knowing necessarily yet what to do but just being informed and powered and taking responsibility for your actions and where you’re at in life.

One powerful quote in Don’s book, circling back to social conditioning, is –
“The only way to store information is by agreement if we don’t agree we don’t store that information as soon as we agree, we believe it. This is called faith, so have faith is to believe unconditionally”. He goes to say that as children and we believe adults, like everything they say. We are not strong enough to rebel against them. In this way this imprints beliefs or agreements about our self-worth, remember it’s the subconscious that says I’m not worthy I’m not good enough and here’s the danger. Our normal tendencies that don’t get nurtured as children but in fact we are told to do otherwise, to step in line and become the sheep so that we could be functional people in society, whatever that
means, is that our authenticity our authentic self our voice is lost. And our authenticity is what connects the universe to us. It’s what co-creates, it literally moves mountains with the universe to bring your innermost desires about it co-creates your life.

Going back to what Don’s talking about is that we then become the domesticate er because that’s what we learned. We learned to be domesticated and then we become the domesticateer and not necessarily in terms of propagating it in our
children, which also happens, but that we actually punish ourselves if we don’t line up to the belief systems, the limiting belief systems, we punish ourselves so there’s a ton of people walking around with so much guilt and shame and weight about agreements that they themselves didn’t necessarily like or make consciously.

Wowsers. All right, I believe it’s a separation from the authentic self the universe wants to get back us to because that’s when it communicates to us and that’s when it gets to show off its power as well. So the universe will send us situations relationships and things in hopes that we will get triggered because triggers are red flags for old wounds that just desire and crave to be healed. Right? I mean it’s really that simple. So whenever you are in a certain situation or relationship and particularly in relationship like the mirroring back it doesn’t matter if it’s platonic or intimate the relationship just mirror things back to us. When people enter into relationship and whenever you are triggered it literally signifies that there is a wound and if you have the mindfulness tools or the self-awareness to take a pause step back and notice, like hey there’s a trigger – I’m being bitchy or I’m reacting in the shitty way I’m irritated and frustrated I’m snappy – there’s a wound here. There’s something here that wants to be healed, then you could potentially do the work around it, get it to the root of it. Notice it and then the pattern breaks once the pattern breaks and you’re in that space that the situation hasn’t changed but you have changed your perception has changed. Ultimately like everything has changed because when you change the world around you doesn’t change it’s just the way that you look at it changes and so then the way that you look at the world.

If the way that you look at the world changes the world around your changes.

When you notice that happening, that’s when you are beginning to become a magnet for your innermost desires and like I mentioned earlier it’s literally when you and the universe are going to begin to co-create the reality that you desire. And whenever you’re not feeling in the flow or there’s things that you consciously desire and want but no matter what it’s just barely outside of your grip it’s literally because your subconscious is saying no not worthy not good enough. Just know that powerhouse is way stronger than your conscious mind so oftentimes if those things are not manifesting in the physical realm even though they’re coming from our truest essence it’s because there’s some stuff going out on a subconscious level that energetically is telling the universe no. That’s why I loved and was so taken back by Don’s introduction and he literally just dives into social conditioning, which I thought was totally fascinating. I had to pause write about it as you see and this is like my stream of consciousness. I just literally vomited out on to you which I plan to do a lot more in the most proverbial way possible.

Thank you for listening, if you have any questions about anything that I just
mentioned or anything like that feel free to reach out.



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