The Extraordinary Book ClubIntro Check In

Hello bookworms!  Just a check in before our virtual meet up this Tuesday, January 10th.  I will post a poll on our fb group to see what time works best.  For those of you who live locally we will meet at a later date as discussed and I will reach out with those details soon.  For now you get some extra days to finish up the intro but feel free to join in our virtual discussion if you like, the more the merrier!

The virtual chat will take place on fb via fb live.  In the future I think I will explore other options such as google chat or maybe even Skype.  If you have a preference or experience with virtual group chats reach out to me as this is new territory and I would appreciate any help.

Here’s the link to the charts I will reference during our chat: chakra-charts.

I’ll leave you with a little excerpt from the intro…

Have you ordered your copy yet?  Follow the link if you haven’t

Happy reading! ~ As you transform you transform the world ~