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First Chakra at a Glance

Hello bookworms!

This month we explore Muladhara Chakra aka root support.  Please reference p.52 (not p.32 as mentioned in the video).


In the video I lay down the ground work for Muladhara Chakra.  Its main inquiries include our foundation, ancestry, and owning our right to be here.  I go over balanced, excessive and deficient characteristics of the chakra, concluding with an exercise that might activate or bring the root chakra into balance.

Order the book by following this link  http://amzn.to/2gloQME


Over to you!  Do you know the stories that your parents have passed down?  Things you believe to be true only because you saw them play out over and over again by your parents, but now inform your life and are life detracting?  For example one of my stories/lies ~  arguing is a normal characteristic of a healthy marriage.  I know now, that is so NOT true,  you do not need to argue to have a strong relationship with anyone.

Do you know the story of your birth?  Might be fun to find out and it just might shine some light onto your patterns.

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