Chakra YogaChakras in a nutshell

The Vedic tradition teaches us that we have many energy centers located throughout our body, often referred to as Chakras.  Out of the many, 7 are most famous as they are the largest, are shaped during our childhood, have an impact on how we show up in the world, and serve as pathways to self-awareness and transformation.

Theses energy bodies are super subtle, Anodea Judith devised a simple exercise with which you can experience the subtle energy that resides within you.  Go ahead and take 5 minutes to try it for yourself and see what you feel!

Follow me as I demonstrate here

Over to you!  What did you feel?  It’s called subtle energy for a reason so don’t worry if you didn’t feel a thing, just try it again later.  It’s okay if you felt something else somewhere else too, haha there are no rules to this thing!  It’s all information from your own body and  you decide what to do with it.  The IDEAL experience is YOUR experience.  And by sharing yours with us breaks the cycle of the ‘should be’s’!


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