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Sixth Chakra at a Glance

Hi everyone!

We are getting into Ajna Chakra this month, our third eye, the center of perception and command located between our eyebrows.

Ilona's book club

Per usual I open up the discussion with an overview and info such as basic rights, traumas that can bring this chakra out of balance, as well as its balanced, excessive, and deficient characteristic.  I finally close as I often do with the affirmations for the month. Join the conversation!

heal with the chakra system

So what’s the big deal anyway?  Why should I investigate my third eye center a.k.a. Ajna chakra?

“By learning to contact, listen to, and act on our intuition, we can directly connect to the higher power of the universe and allow it to become our guiding force.” – Shakti Gawain p. 382

Over to you!  What do you think about imagination, how often do you get lost in a thought or daydream?  My teacher pointed out that imagination has been lost to many kids these days due to the electronic devices that engage their minds on a regular basis.  The consequence?  The inability to visualize and connect with our intuitive center.  How easily do you connect with your intuitive center, that gut feeling?  Do you respond to it with ease and flow or with confusion?


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