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Yoga Props

Official YouTube Channel Launch!

Here is the first of many Yoga with Ilona videos.  I start by discussing yoga props that proved beneficial as I began my practice years ago.  Since then I have added new favorites.  Although you most certainly DO NOT need any of these props or anything fancy to begin your yoga practice, these yoga essentials can help inspire, motivate, and most importantly support you in your practice.

In this video I dive deeper into the world of yoga mats, the stabilizing and balancing benefits of yoga blocks, the increased depth in stretches a yoga strap provides and introduce you to my most favorite yoga prop of all, I’ll give you a hint…it smells nice and goes well with savanna 🙂

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Get your essentials here http://amzn.to/2vDXJ1s

4 responses to “Yoga Props”

  1. Jason Avatar

    Well done Ilona. Very insightful and I learned some things I didn’t know. Good job speaking clearly, the Audio was very crisp. Keep it up!

  2. admin Avatar

    I’m so glad to hear!! Thank you for your feedback too, much appreciated. The audio is all Brian 🙂

  3. Tracy Avatar

    Great job Ilona. You’re very knowledgeable and passionate about yoga and it shows. It was an enjoyable video. Congrats.

  4. admin Avatar

    Thank you for your encouragement and kind words it means a lot to me. I feel so supported! Thank you again!

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