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What is Human Design? || The Rad & Blissful Show Ep 3


In this episode I unpack Human Design in a clear and concise way. Discover the fundamental premise and its impact on your life. Make sure to subscribe if you want to be the first to know when I’ll be offering chart reading in 2019.


Welcome to The Rad & Blissful Show. Wellness life hacks for an extraordinary life. I’m your host Ilona Barnhart, today we are talking Human Design. What is it exactly? Human Design is a system that combines many different schools of thought and systems together to bring you a unique blue print, what I like to call your souls fingerprint. Which is more unique than your heart beat, which is more unique than your fingerprint.

Human Design is what I like to call your souls fingerprint. Which is more unique than your heart beat, which is more unique than your fingerprint.

It also provides you a guide, a road map of sorts to your authentic self. To what your soul came here to be and do on thison this material plane. It literally gives you practical and clear ways to begin to take the layers and years of conditioning, biblical, social and familial off. The stuff that has been put
on you since you were born, literally programming you into thinking that you’re something that you’re not.

I remember when I started reading more about my design I cried because as weight was taken off. I literally got permission and licensing to be exactly who I am. Exactly what my soul came here to be and accomplished. It’s that kind of medicine that I want to bring to the world through human design and through these videos, as well as readings that are begin in 2019.

So let’s get back to what it is. Human Design is a system that combines the I-Ching from Taoism the Chakra System of Hinduism and the Tree of Life of Kabbalah and different aspects of astronomy and astrology as well as physics and molecular biology. All of that together brings you your unique blueprint, fingerprint, and your guide to your authentic self. What?! I know it’s pretty awesome.

The primarily premise of Human Design is that we are nine centered beings. We transitioned into ninecenterdness in 1781. Literally when your Uranus was discovered because that’s when it came into the Earth’s orbit and it also impacted us in a special way because it expanded human lifespan. I you know pretty epic. Since then the mind has been taking more and more or it’s designed to take more of a backseat in terms of how it we navigate through this material plan, which is pretty cool.

So we transition to nine center beings in 1781 but it wasn’t until 1987 about 32 or 33 years ago, that this information was downloaded to the founder RA Uru Hu. During an eight-day meditation all this information was downloaded and then Ra Uru Nu spent the rest of his life sharing this information with the world because it’s so profound and so impactful.

Without further ado visit myBodyGraph.com for your free chart. Fill out your name, your place of birth, as well as your time, to get your specifics. From there you can begin to dive a little bit deeper with a little
bit of research on your own or get a reading, which I would highly recommend. I’ll be providing readings in 2019 so stay tuned and in touch, get on my mailing list so be the first one to hear when I’m actually providing readings and more trainings and things like that In Human Design as you come along.

Alright guys and ladies, everybody else, in between and all that, ciao.

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