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Create Space While You WAIT | Human Design

This here is a practical practice you can begin today to create space in your life. Which I argue is the most PRODUCTIVE thing you can do as you wait for an Invitation or to Respond to life.

Take a hint from the Uni and embrace the space in between.

What it looks like

  • scheduling time to do absolutely NOTHING
  • make time to clean out your closet and ask “does this light me up?”
  • proceed with items you surround yourself with as well as
  • events, people, and conversations

Here’s what I have been doing…

Over to you – How have you been creating space lately? Comment below.

Video Transcribed

Hello and welcome to The Rad & Blissful Show – wellness life hacks for an extraordinary life, more like human design hacks from an extraordinary life. I’m the founder Ilona Barnhart.

The most common question I receive from individuals when they first begin to experiment with human design is ‘What do I do while I’m waiting for an invitation or something to respond to.’

So what’s actually happening here is – you’re beginning the process of deconditioning. The mere concept of waiting is so foreign especially in our culture that the idea of not being productive for a period of time is so uncomfortable. The reason is because we are engrossed in this culture of doing and having and consuming and always being so productive. Like we put so much value on that and the more of whatever the better.

The reality is though, if you’re maxed out, if you’re engrossed in whatever from the moment you wake up to the moment that you go to bed, when invitations come or when things for you to respond to happen, you’ll miss it because you’re so focused on whatever it is that you’re doing.

And reality too is, that if the universe would want to send something your way it literally, there’s no space to get in if you’re so focused and doing what you do on a day-to-day basis.

So here’s something that you could do, it’s little yet massive, to set yourself up for success to hear from the universe, whether it’s through invitations or through responds.

But before that consider this…

Scientists say that if you were to take everything in the universe that has mass, like the entire universe right, that includes galaxies, stars, planets, us, material things, literally everything the sum would come to a 10th of the entire universe.

Everything else is space in between, literally what they consider darker or dark energy basically space. And this is the ever-expanding full of infinite possibility constantly shifting and changing space. So it will be to your advantage to befriend and become more comfortable with space, its mystery its magic and its potential. Set yourself up for success to hear from the universe to be ready for things to respond to by creating little pockets of time and/or space in your day your week your month
and your year.

That’s something that it will take maybe a moment to even like
conceptualize when you’re initially deconditioning. But it started very small for me and now I schedule a whole day if not two days in my week and I call them unscheduled days.

And that’s basically my commitment to having a day and if a day is to challenging with kiddos or whatever then you can do a period of time like an hour and you can even start with like 15 minutes. It doesn’t really matter like you create your own reality in that regard. But just committing to not filling that space with anything else so just being open to whatever it is.

And for me my days in terms of unscheduled days what they look like is that I begin to really ask myself what I want to do. And one day I wanted to go on a hike with my dog, we ended up in trees and it was amazing it was awesome.

Another time I ended up redoing my whole entire wardrobe which means I looked at every single item in my closet and went through it like yes I like you no I don’t and not even questioning it. When I was ready to get rid of the items I didn’t authentically align to for whatever reason, I did and when I wasn’t ready, well some of them are still in my closet until I’m ready to part with them and some of them have already gone.

But literally that space is just so fun because you begin to align yourself with your more with your authentic truth on all layers it’s freaking incredible.

That’s my advice in terms of what you can do while you’re waiting for invitation and response which is a pretty it’s a doozy, you see how it’s massive and little at the same time? All right well comment below with your experience with unscheduling or your what you’re feeling when talking about waiting or the concept of creating space in your life.

And yeah check you out, I was gonna say on the flip side, but that’s so old-school, so ciao for now.

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