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Warrior III || Virabhadrasana Tri

Warrior III || Virabhadrasana TRI

Vira || courage/hero   Bhadra || blessed, auspicious/virtuous

Primary Purpose of Warrior III || Strengthens the  standing leg, stretches the hamstrings and out hip of standing leg, challenges balance, and stimulates proprioception

Benefits of Warrior III


  • feet
  • ankles
  • knees
  • quads
  • back
  • shoulders
  • arms
  • neck


  • circulation


  • concentration, coordination, balance, poise, strenght


  • lines of energy in body

Proceed With Care

  • if you have high blood pressure, heart conditions, knee sensation, or shoulder injury

Avoid Posture 

  • if you have recent or chronic ankle, knee injury, inflammation or pain

Common Misalignments To Look Out For

  • floating foot is disengaged
  • hips are stacked vs squared
  • chest dips below or extends above waistline


  • draw tailbone long
  • navel in and up
  • extend through the back leg
  • point toes toward the ground (helps align the hips)
  • wrap floating leg hip toward the earth
  • draw the standing leg hip crease back

Come explore Warrior Three with Ilona!

An advanced posture simplified. After a short warm up prepare for flight! Notice how you feel.

How do you feel?

I want to hear from you! How do you feel after taking off in Warrior Three? What was most challenging, what showed up for you in this exploration? Super curious to hear your thoughts.



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