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Three Easy Ways To Go Waste Free – The Plastic Free Life

The Plastic Free Life

Today I share with you three simple things you can do to reduce waste, feel better, and leave a positive impact on the environment.

Layer one to the plastic free life: invest in a water container, renewable grocery bags, and cloth kitchen towels (they will replace the amount of paper towels you use).

There’s a learning curve – not gonna lie. But once you have committed to this lifestyle as the most sustainable and richest investment in yourself and the environment the changes become swifter and sustainable, a way of life before you know it. I can promise you that.

As I mention in the video take your time. No reason to shame or guilty yourself if you buy a water when you are out and about. I’m more concerned about the daily choices I make rather then the few off beat ones. Same goes for everything else. In fact, I immensely enjoy Flaming Hot’s when they are around. Fortunately, I do not shop anywhere that stocks them or I might indulge in this pleasure more frequently. Definitely a road trip staple and treat. (I do believe that because I feel such tremendous joy, when I consume them, that my joy in the moment transforms the energetic of the food, and my body processes it differently, as I mentioned, it’s a thought that crosses my mind.) Basically no guilty feeling here, which I also contribute to the fact that it is indeed so infrequent, that in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter. My day to day choice does however.

Happy exploring and layering on. There is always room for improvement.

Layer two to the plastic free life coming your way soonish. As always tell me your thoughts!


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