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Neural Adaptability – The Secret To Living Sugar Free

Neural Adaptability – The Secret To Living Sugar Free

Today I admit defeat, dust myself off again, and reach for an incredibly powerful tool that will aid me in reducing/eliminating (at least for a period of time) SUGAR from my diet.

Sugar impacts the brain and body in a similar way addiction to alcohol, drugs and FOOD does. Neural Adaptation is the trick, it can work for or against you. In the book THE PRIME, Kulreet Chaudhry, M.D. with an Ayurvedic background has devised the ultimate plan to balance out the dopamine surges and valleys.

I’m currently on Phase One and chat to you about how that’s going. Watch it below! For a summary scroll below the video.

Neural Adaptation

Neural Adaptation, is basically, the brains ability to adapt to its surroundings – the environment that it has been given – constantly seeking homeostasis. Homeostasis is a balanced and stable state. When confronted with high peaks of dopamine aka pleasure from things such as sugar, alcohol, drugs, or food the brain achieves homeostasis by reducing the amount of receptors for dopamine. Food is meant to produce a pleasure state – so that we keep eating it – but when the food industry creates these powerful cocktails – a perfect blend of just enough fat, sugar, and salt – they create spikes similar to drugs.

Food addiction is prevalent in our society and most people don’t even know it.

Individuals feel ashamed and so much guilt around food choices but when the intensity is as high or even higher than that induced by drugs is it any wonder that will power is just NOT the answer. The rule of thumb is that in a 12 month period the dopamine receptors would normalize if someone removed such crazy spikes. Well, that’s a long time to face the food industry all on your own.  Thankfully Kulreet has devised a program, THE PRIME, that aids indivudlas in their transition and transformation.  There are ancient herbs that are powerful enough to create a shift.

My Story / Struggle

For someone who has addictive tendencies and addiction on both side of my family, I struggle controlling my sugar, candy bar, intake. I can go long periods of time without chocolate but once it’s in front of me, I’ll inhale it all. As 2017 came to and end I had an intuitive felt sense that my body had enough of sugar, processed sugar that is. And that I would benefit from a break, eliminating it from my diet for a time period. I don’t intend to completely remove sugar from my life, but who knows maybe that will end up happening. But I have a feeling I’ll enjoy a piece of dark cacao every so often 🙂

The Prime helped me tremendously last year when I first went through the program, early last spring. No more bloating, experiencing true hunger, cravings for take out gone, no more PMS, and anger subsided. Life changing. Truly.


During phase one I make a tea to drink throughout the day, dry brush before showering, take an herb at night, and fiber every other night.  The tea is meant to heal the gut mucoso, trigger signals for true hunger, and make you sensitive to the impact foods have on you. Dry brushing loves on the epidermis and stimulates the lymphatic system – the body’s sewage system. The herb, Triphalia, is a natural laxative that is quite gently, just helps move toxicity out of the body. The fiber is a combination of husks and ground flax seeds, fiber grabs toxins in the body and moves it out.

This time around I experienced acne, bloating, and gas. So I lingered in this phase longer than I anticipated. The detoxification symptoms have subsided and I plan to move into Phase two in a week. I’ll continue to keep you posted!

Over To YOU!


Have you done the prime? How’s it going?


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