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My Intentions For 2018

Follow Your Bliss :: With Less Hustle & More Flow in 2018

Last year my mantra was to follow my bliss. Well it rocked my world so I decided to keep it around, I’ll be adding to it though.  So this years mantra reads ‘To follow my bliss with less hustle and more flow’.  How do I plan to accomplish this?

1. Adding a walk to my morning ritual.
2. Reducing/eliminating plastic use in my life.
3. Reducing and ultimately eliminating sugar from my diet.
4. Snapping more photos.

During the middle of this video I decided to take you all on the journey with me. My intention is to share what I’m learning and the challenges I’m sure to face as I implement these wonderful things in my life. No specific timing or pressure on this vlog thing.  Welcome to Ilo’s VLOG.

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