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Muladhara Yoga Flow

Hello bookworms!

It’s all about the root.  “To be solid is to face what is in front of us without flinching, to remain anchored in truth in the face of opposition, and to remain clam and secure.” p.58 Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith.

Hope you’re enjoying  exploring the root and by now experimenting with some of the exercises in the book that are designed to foster awareness and healing. Here are some of the questions and issues that are associated with root support.

Mualdahara Questions
Do you know your truth?  Are you anchored and aligned with it?  Do you flow through life with ease or find it a constant struggle?  Do you dream up things and think of great ideas but can’t seem to bring them forth? Are you in debt? Do you lack financial resources?  What is your belief about money?

Self-doubt can highjack your thoughts but will not stop you from reaching what you set out to do.  Nor will anything anyone will ever say to you, when you stand on a solid foundation.  I will discuss this in depth this Tuesday Feb 7th, 2017.  We will meet via a FB live and for those who live locally I’ll reach out with meeting details soon.

Chakra Yoga
For now here’s a yoga flow that can bring muladhara chakra into balance from the book Chakra Yoga by Anodea Judith.  It’s a grounding flow and the first one I ever captured! Enjoy!

Over to you~ any brave soul willing to share their experience exploring the root support? What has come up for you?  Any aha moments?  Anyone inspired to inquire about their conception and birth?  How about your first year of life?


Order the book, Anodea Judith’s Chakra Yoga, here http://amzn.to/2wEQElJ

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