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Lateral Angle / Parsvakonasana

Lateral Angle aka PARSVAKONASANA

PARSVA || side  KONA || angle

Primary Purpose of Lateral Angle || is to strengthen the legs, build heat in the body, open the inner line of the front leg, and stretch the side body. Lateral Angle has many variations and is fun to explore after an adequate warm up.

Benefits of Lateral Angle


  • legs (quadriceps, hamstrings)
  • buttocks (gluteus medius and minimus)
  • abdomen (obliques)
  • shoulders (deltoids)
  • arms (triceps)
  • neck


  • hips
  • groin (adductors)
  • chest (pectoralis)
  • arms (biceps)


  • digestion, relieves constipation


  • rheumatism
  • arthritis in the legs
  • stress, stimulates the mind, build concentration and willpower

Proceed With Care

  • if you have uncontrolled high or low blood pressure, heart conditions, nervous discoursers: practice carefully without long holds.

Avoid Posture 

  • if you experience recent or chronic knee, hip abdomen or shoulder injury, inflammation or pain

Common Misalignments To Look Out For

  • back knee and thigh collapse toward the ground
  • chest curves toward the earth
  • belly rests on thigh
  • collapse in side body – weight rests on thigh
  • head droops down toward the shoulder
  • floating shoulder wraps away from the body


  • shifting your weight into your heals – pressing into the knife edge of your back foot
  • spiral back thigh, belly, ribs and chest toward the sky
  • lifting through the side body – the obliques
  • extending through the crown of the head, creating a long line of energy
  • pressing through the finger tips
  • extend through the crown of your head
  • if bicep is by the ear, rotate pinky finger toward the ground (protecting the shoulder)
  • choose any hand variation such as
    • bring top hand to hip
    • hand to inside or outside of the front foot
    • half or full bind
    • both arms suspended – framing the head

Practice With Me!

Coming back to the basics is so refreshing. I encourage you to come with an open mind and see what new thing you can discover in extended side angle. If this is your first time exploring lateral side angel, do tell me how it went and what you think! I love the shares!




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