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From Available Light to FiLMiC Pro

From Available Light to FiLMiC Pro Watch My Videos Transform

Take a trip down memory lane with me – see how my Yoga With Ilona home studio has transformed in the last two years. I started by making space and using available light to film – ALL on my PHONE. Next I added 5500k studio lights with umbrellas to even out the lighting in the room. Finally, and most recently I began to capture my videos using FiLMiC Pro. I still use studio lights but FiLMiC Pro gives me added control and a consistent look in my videos. Still figuring it all out but that’s part of the journey! Check it out!

The FiLMiC Pro App gives me manual controls, similar to that of professional gear, including shutter speed, ISO, film rate, aperture, and color balance. At first glance I was overwhelmed with all of the controls (even though I am a professional photographer). So I didn’t use the app for quite sometime.  When the time was right a friend suggested it and it all come together, just light that. Imagine that! Reminds me of a quote, “When the teacher is ready the student arrives.”

In all honestly if you want to shoot videos and share your life with the world you don’t need anything fancy to do so. Best thing to do is take action by capturing videos and upload them. The rest will figure itself out. I’m proof of that! Go to my channel and watch my very first video that I posted! Which was at the end of 2016. All that mattered to me was that I was sharing my skills and gifts with anyone who would listen. Check me out now – how far I’ve come, both technically and otherwise. Let my story be an inspiration to you to begin yours. Allow yourself to be a beginner. That’s how it starts.

Tell me do you notice a difference? Do you like the flavor of my style as it comes out in FiLMiC Pro?

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