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Fifth Chakra At A Glance

Hey there bookworms!

This month we discuss Vishuddha Chakra, which is all about communication.  Two questions to consider this month, ‘Am I living in sincerity?‘ and ‘do my thoughts, words, and actions align with my truth?‘.

If you go about your day with ease and flow there’s a good chance your aligned and already living in sincerity.  Otherwise, begin to pay attention and notice what is off.  Dive deeper and investigate why and take a guess as to what you could do right now to bring alignment into your life.  Once your thoughts are honestly expressed through your words and actions every day, life flows, things begin to fall into place and there is much joy and magic that springs up in your day to day.

Consider these affirmations, notice what comes up as you say each one out loud.  If you hesitate, or don’t believe one or another, why? What’s the belief there, trace it to it’s origins.  Our beliefs tend to be borrowed or adopted from parents, guardians, friends, and media, without us being aware of it.  We go about life with a set of beliefs that impact and shape how we interact with the world around us that do not belong to us.  That might not be aligned with our most deepest truth, that hold us back from stepping forth into who we truly are.  I encourage you to break the cycle, replace the lies with truth.

Join me as I introduce the fifth chakra, touch on conscious communication, living in alignment, and encourage you to consider the role deception has played in your life.  My yoga teacher would pose this question quite often, “Who are you when no one is watching?”  and would say this just as frequently, “how  you do anything is how you do everything.

Living in sincerity begins with uncovering belief systems that once may have worked but no longer serve you, let them go, replace them with life affirming new beliefs.  Keep the ones that support your truth and growth.  Get rid of all the ones that are life detracting, ones that hold  you back.  Affirmations help with training our thoughts, creating new possibilities as we slowly and kindly rearrange our brain pathways, each time we decide to choose a life affirming belief vs a lie.

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to hear the truth.  But truth, when spoken and/or heard brings healing and life. It’s the path less traveled yet it is beautifully simple and honest.  It is ease and flow.

Over to you, have you experienced the liberating act of speaking your truth even when it feels most difficult? Or have you learned a truth after years of deception?  Did it come as a surprise?  When I learned about my mom lying to us about when she married my dad, although I was shocked that it took this long to learn the truth, I wasn’t surprised.  Deception and secrets abound in my family.  It’s what it is built on.  But many abusive, alcoholic families have this tendency/pattern.  I don’t blame them, not at all, they didn’t know better.  When I trace the belief back to it’s origin I realize it’s older than my mom, older than my grandma, older than my dad, older than his father.  But the cycle ends with me.

I hope this served you, till next time, ciao!

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