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Conscious Puppyhood

Conscious Puppyhood

I’m constantly blown away at all the alternatives available to us as pet owners. What an incredibly conscious time we live in, truly. I made a list of my favorite puppy essentials, tested and approved by Zelda B herself.

Bamboo Cleaning Towels

If you haven’t already, ditch the paper-towel and reach for a bamboo cleaning towel instead. I promise they are much more absorbent, get the job done, and with a little upfront effort become an afterthought. Best part, you can resume and repurpose to your hearts desire. Did I mention they are bio-degradable too? It’s a win win with all the brownie points you’ll score with the Uni for loving on Planet Earth.

Biodegradable Pet Waste Bags

Need I say more? Pick up after your dog and when you do make sure it’s with a biodegradable bag, it’s worth it.

Travel Bowl

It’s like the one for backpacking only this one you’ll fill up with water for your pup. She will eventually carry it in her doggie backpack when she’s fully grown. For now it’s in my purse, I don’t leave the house without it.

Diatomaceous Earth – A Nontoxic Dewormer

The conventional stuff my vet gave me didn’t do the trick, to everyones surprise. So I opted for a much more aggressive approach, Mother Earth, what’s more powerful then that? Diatomaceous Earth dehydrates and slices pesticides in half and is harmless to animals. Zelda eats a teaspoon a day and I drizzle some on her coat and in her bedding too. Prevents all sort of critters from discomforting her.

No Hide Salmon Chews By Earth Animal

Hands down my favorite of all. Takes hours for Zelda to get through one, which has proven to be the best distraction for when I’m cleaning the floors. It’s the longest, safety and yummiest treat around, wild caught salmon is our fav.

Tools To Survive And Enjoy Puppyhood

  • Book – Cesar’s Way
  • YouTube – Training Positive
  • EZY DOG Harness
  • Organix – A limited ingredient, organic puppy food alternative
  • Training treats – Zukes + PURE (NZ)

Everyone will tell ya and so will I – they grow up fast, so hold on and enjoy the ride. We rescued Zelda at about 9 weeks of age. Pictured – from left to right at 10wks, 12wks, 16wks. She is one Rad & Blissful puppy, continue the journey with us @radandblissful.


All mentioned items and more at The Marketplace.

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