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2 Gallon Berkey Water Purifier

Water Purifier

I’ve been on Purified Water for 5 years now. My skin feels hydrated, although I live in a desert, my nails don’t break and my hair doesn’t stop growing. I’m convinced that both the amount and quality of water are significant contributing factors to my overall well-being.

Unless you live by a natural spring this is the next best thing. It’s totally affordable, portable, and transform any water source (practically) into safe drinking water, even the LA river, not kidding!

Two gallons will get you through a day and a half (that’s for two adults with a pup). A TIP from the expert – don’t over fill the top as the water will find it’s way out once the bottom chamber fills, learned that one real quick.

And don’t forget the fluoride filters if you want to up level your dream game.


Passion Planner

Passion Planner

A Journal + Planner in one.

  • Dream Big
  • Set + Track Goals
  • Record Your Accomplishments
The 6 Qualities of

The 6 Qualities of CONSCIOUSNESS

An advanced inquiry of YOGA philosophy.

Includes a practice at the conclusion of each chapter/quality for a deeper exploration.

The Integrative Approach

Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science

EBWM – heal childhood wounds/trauma using the chakra system and psychology.

THE PRIME – nourish your 2nd brain/microbiom/your gut to lift brain fog, balance hormones, and feel your best.

SUPERNATURAL – upgrade your meditation practice and walk into a future you create.


Desire to acquire knowledge with minimum effort? Download info and expand your mind while driving, walking, cooking, bathing…you name it. Plug in, whenever.

Somehow the most memorable road trips have been the ones that included an audio book. I distinctly remember pulling up to the Canadian Boarder and waiting at the edge of my seat, having just pressed pause on ‘Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline. I don’t think crossing the board would have made such an impression on me otherwise!

evanhealy – skin care


evanhealy’s Rose line – healed my facial skin. I’m someone who has battled acne from the onset of puberty.

Taking care of my facial skin has become a daily ritual that is incredibly grounding.

Redefine your skin care routine with this deeply nourishing and aromatic plant-based line.



Natural Luxury Makeup

I don’t leave the house without mascara or filling in my eyebrows. Most days that’s all I need.

When I want to jazz it up, like when I’m assisting my hubby taking photos at a wedding or during a photo session or for date night or a girls night out, I love I have a non toxic option!


Set yourself up for success in your yoga practice with the basics:

  • a mat
  • 2 blocks
  • strap
  • and bolster

Although you don’t need anything to practice yoga, a mat sets the space, blocks bring the earth closer to your hands, the strap is invaluable when working to lengthen the hamstrings.

A bolster is amazing for a good restore session after a long day and the yoga wheel has done wonders for my posture as it expands the upper back.

If you’re into HEATED classes you’ll need a towel that drys fast.


HD has been super illuminating and this book is your opportunity to hear it straight from the horses mouth. The founder is no longer with us so this body of work including Jovian Archives and is what we’ve got.

I still reference this book although my interpretation of HD is much more empowering and supportive. Ra, the founder, was much more direct and used terminology that many find confusing at best.

Although this book is helpful in your exploration of HD nothing comes close to an in-depth reading of your chart.

The Definitive Book of Human Design – The Science of Differentiation