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BIG NEWS :: A Quarterly Letter From Me


A Quarterly Letter From Me

My mum gave me my first deck of cards when I was just in elementary school. I distinctly recall being in front of my 8th grade class demonstrating my deck for show and tell. The deck intrigued me and all of it was quite fun.

Several years later I tossed the cards along with other artifacts of my childhood. I entered a proverbial cave for about five years.

Fast forward to when I emerged as the cave collapsed on itself – more on that in the future. Every winter I found myself traveling out West – where I was introduced to a new deck of cards and a new way of sharing insight. The gift found me yet again.

It remained my own for years. Now I am ready to share it with you.


I’ll draw cards for the months ahead and provide intuitive insight. The letter will also include:

  • Current Yoga With Ilona aka YWI Class & Event Schedule.
  • Offerings.
  • Other Rad & Blissful Awesomeness:
    • Yoga pose of the quarter.
    • An article relating to health, wellness & mindfulness.
    • A fun and inspiring video.

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