YOGA is an incredible opportunity to get to know yourself.

Whether you know it or not, everything you have ever seen or felt or witnessed, no matter how beautiful or tragic, left an imprint in/on your body, unless of course you took the time to or knew how to process it.

Yoga in this way is a healing modality. In particular, the physical/movement aspect of yoga, as it allows for what once was frozen or contracted in the body to move. It literally releases tension that’s been stored in muscles for years, even decades.

It’s also a time to pause and reflect on how you feel – physically, emotionally, energetically, mentally, and to notice the current mental chatter. Without judgement, it’s an invitation to notice, which inevitably allows whatever to pass.

The way out of the forest is through the woods. Learn to lean into the uncomfortable, on and off the mat.

By sitting with the uncomfortable, the unknown, with whatever shows up, you begin to shift on a cellular level and transform. From the neuron pathways in your brain to muscle memory, cell by cell you change.  Either way, chances are you’ll leave a yoga class invigorated, relaxed, calm, or rejuvenated. Its medicine is instant.

New Zealand landscape fog rolling over mountain top and gold grass letters Yoga with Ilona

One legged wheel Ilona Barnhart in Nature Center Oceanside  Carlsbad California

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