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Third Chakra at a Glance

Hi bookworms!

This month we are investigating Manipura Chakra the lustrous gem.  Located at our solar plexus, its element is fire, and the color shades of yellow.  The central issue this month revolves around power and will.  To balance this chakra we must regain our right to act by building good self-esteem.

Yoga with Ilona Manpiura Chakra

Manipura affirmations by Anodea Judith.  Re-write them, print them out, make them your own and display them somewhere like your bathroom mirror so you can see them every single day!  Affirmations are powerful tools in establishing new thought patterns which inevitably impact your day to day and your future self.

Dive a bit deeper with me by watching the video below.  I like to end by getting us into a head space that is receptive and take that opportunity to read the affirmations out loud.  This is a great time to gather some data regarding your power house.  At what point did you feel uncomfortable? Irritated? Those are just indicators that there is an opportunity for growth there i.e. a wound in need of healing.

Over to you! Do you feel like you exude confidence?  Any ideas as to why you do or do not?  If you don’t know take a wild guess as to what it might be and maybe share it with us or journal about it.  Come back to it after you have read the chapter on Manipura and hopefully took some time to work through some of the healing exercises Anodea Judith presents us with, did anything change?  Report back if you like 🙂

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