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The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

I’ve been waiting since Feb 10th to get this magic in my hands! As I examine and get to know each WILD animal spirit captured so eloquently in this deck, I become more in tune and connected to the world around me – nature and it’s depth and wisdom.

The deck had a powerful impact on me, the first time I had a glimpse.  I decided to follow that curiosity and eagerly awaited it’s arrival.  We had just got back from a night of fun in Palm Springs.  There is was on my door steps.  I opened it and my hubby, Brian, asked what my spirit animal was, “a spider,” I replied.  What’s yours? “Frog.”

I hold the deck in my hands and although it’s not the first card I see, my first cut was to a TARANTULA. I knew before, but this was an incredible clear sign that this indeed was to be my deck of cards and I was to be the gate keeper and protector of the animals held within it. I didn’t want to sage it. Not now anyway.  That was my ceremony- instant connection and I can tell a start of a beautiful friendship.

Kim Krans, the author and genius spirit behind this offering, has thoughtful chosen each WILD Animal depicted in this deck.  Yoga and tarot philosophy joined together, setting the foundation for this collection of animals, a remarkably unique blend of EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR, & SPIRIT.

All I wanted to was to hang out with these animals the rest of the day. Unfortunately adulating took preeminence and fatigue from a good night spent made the choice not too difficult and necessary. So I brought the cards with me to my morning yoga class. In between my classes I had time to dive deeper.

Here is what happened….

My official hang out session with The Wild Unknown Animal Spirits

I saved you some time by providing a link to the deck https://amzn.to/2HuLnQR


The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck


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