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The Power of Ritual

The Power of Ritual

I absolutely love the word ritual, it has a totally different feel to it than words like habit or routine. The word ritual has a certain flare to it, it is lighter, less demanding, controlling, or ridged. It is gentle and suggestive because it is infused with MAGIC. It’s magical powers come from the simple word choice and its ability to empower and support rather than demand. It’s really that simple. With magic anything is possible like creating a night ritual that you look forward to that also sets you up for deep restful sleep. Which inevitably impacts your day.

I look forward to my nightly ritual, it’s uber fulfilling and satisfying! I’m happy to share it with you.

  • I turn off all electronics at 9. Or aim to at least one hour before heading to dream land. During this hour I take my sweet time….
  • oil pulling, brush my teeth, and scraping my tongue,
  • dry brushing my skin,
  • taking a slow HOT shower,
  • slowly applying my nursing face cream
  • laying down. Ideally before ten. If I’m up and not quite ready for sleep I read.

This is pure magic. It took several months to cultivate and tweak accordingly so it would suite my current needs and circumstances. That’s the beauty of ritual, you choose. Whatever it is that your heart desires, that is supportive, that feels good – no matter what time of the day – DO THAT. Feel the support, reap the benefits.

Infuse your life with magic by adding a ritual to your day. It could be as simple as carving out five minutes to sit and sip your tea or coffee.

I also do not feel guilty when I am unable to or when I choose to prioritize something else in my life. For instance, hangs with friends. Which can be just as fulfilling and satisfying, feeding and nourishing your soul. And when I do have a night or two or three that I skip, my simple yet magical night ritual, it’s no big thang. I just crave it a bit more and it’s even MORE uplifting when I do get to it again.

WARNING : Rituals are highly addictive and once you start you’ll keep adding more into your life. Any chance to pause, breath, and reconnect to yourself, is a sweet kind of magic. It’s magical as it has the profound ability to shift your mood, mindset, and ability to take on whatever it is that life brings your way, that’s the power of ritual.

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