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Si Do Hymn by Biet Simkin

Si Do Hymn by Biet Simkin

A spontaneous walkabout in Torrey Pines State Park turned into a music video.  The thing is I have access to all this sick gear, a creator’s dream bag full of adult toys.  Not those kind of toys!  Haha,  but a GoPro and a DJI for my iPhone, all this amazing equipment, ready, waiting to be used and abused.  So why are they collecting dust?!  I don’t know.  What I do know is that those days are over.  It’s time to step it up and use the tools right in front of me.  This passion project just birthed another…The Rad & Blissful Show…basically me in real time.  Stay connected by subscribing to my channel.

For now enjoy this music video.  Biet Simkin is an incredible Artist and Meditation Leader.  I asked her if I could score this video to her music and she was all for it.  Hope to meet her IRL one day!

Side note, all the footage was captured by me that one day I took the walk.  iPhone in the DJI and GoPro footage on a mini tripod.  There was no particular vision, just capturing the beauty around me, enjoying the beach as I have over an over again, just this time around getting ahold of the moment long enough to capture its magic and sharing it with you all fine people.  Enjoy!

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