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100 Hours in 11 Days – Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

I’ve been waiting eagerly for an opportunity such as this. No attachment to what it would look like no expectation either, simply itching for another yoga training. Every year since my initial 200 hr certification I have taken some major course, peppered with on going yoga training.

At the beginning of 2019 I decided it was time to get my 300 hours. Originally looked at Soul Of Yoga in Encinitas and was very interested in their Yoga Therapy Training, which their 300 hour would lead beautifully to that certification. However when Meghan Currie announced a 300 hour there was no hesitation, I knew this one was it. Here’s why.

I’ve been learning from Meghan ever since my YTT in 2016 – initially intrigued by her ability to be so incredibly silly (which was sooo refreshing) my appreciation only grew when I discovered she was a fellow artist and had multiple passions she fed regularly. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED TO CULTIVATE MORE IN MY LIFE – successfully balancing all the different parts and yearnings of my being. That’s the reason why I want to travel to the JUNGLE and spend 100 hours with her. But I can’t do it alone.

Here’s the thing

This September I have an incredible opportunity to up level my yoga teaching. This 100hr intensive advanced yoga training is a complete 11 day immersion. Immersions are a one of a kind experience that are powerfully impactful simply due to the lack of daily distractions. Better put there’s plenty of opportunity for integration. This training is particularly special because of the teacher, Meghan Curry. She is a fellow artist who embodies yogic philosophy, I’m 100% certain that time spent in her presence will up-level me not only as a yoga instructor, but also as a teacher, professional and human.  After my 200 hr yoga training in 2016 I have continued to learn and gain tools relating to wellness, nutrition and self-development while eagerly awaiting an advance yoga training that aligned with me and my goals. THIS IS IT. But because of the short notice I will not be able to do this without you. Should you feel called to contribute click on the button bellow – Thank you so much for considering!

Why Contribute?

Over the last three years I have published over a dozen articles on LinkedIn – relating to yoga, wellness, and conscious living. I have self produced over 150 videos on YouTube – including yoga classes as well as videos on wellness and Human Design.  WHY? Sharing the tools that have transformed my life brings me tremendous amount of joy. The tools I like to share include breathwork, meditation, movement, mindfulness, self-discovery and self-acceptance techniques, basically all the wellness things under the sun that have helped me, in hopes that others will find them useful. Some of you have shared with me, on these platforms, just how much this info has helped you! Here’s a class and an article you can check out.

Move With Ilona

You, right now, have an opportunity to join me in spreading wellness life hacks for an extraordinary life. When you support this campaign you support me in furthering my education which in turns over flows straight back to you and the community.

Thank you so much for considering!

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