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Sahasrara Chakra Yoga Flow

Opening to the Mystery of Heaven

The word religion comes from the Latin, religare, which means “to re-connect.”  Ideally, its purpose is to facilitate a reconnection with spirit, with soul, and the vital and internal aspects of life.  As a belief system, religion can obscure our experience or it can open us to wider vistas. Practices such as meditation, singing in a choir, rituals, puja (offering), yoga, or community service ground religious values in real life experience.  They are the walk that goes with the talk, the bones that allow the body to have meaningful and solid form.  Religion without a practice is but a set of ideas and concepts.  Religion with a practice (or even a practice without a religion) is an active experience that can further the evolution of the soul and the world in which it lives.  – p.435 – 436 in Western Body Eastern Mind by Anodea Judith.

The elevation of psychic wholeness occurs only when energy previously invested in an external deity is withdrawn and returned to its source in the psyche. – C. G. Jung

Sahasrara chakra’s practice is meditation, although every yoga pose can serve as a reconnection to the source, to this very present moment.  Awaken and connect to this very moment with this chakra yoga flow.


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