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Ilona Barnhart

Ilona Barnhart

Originally from Zakopane Poland, a Cultural Anthropologist, Photographer, a Yoga and Meditation Guide, Ilona dances to her own beat of the drum.  Her passion is for life itself fueled by curiosity which propels her towards books, always eager to learn something new, always ready to try something new.  Currently enjoying a simple life by the beach, Ilona’s ultimate goal is to live off the grid self-sustainably, surrounded once again by mountain tops, trees, and a body of water.

Ilona is a Yoga Professional trained and experienced in the areas of Vinyasa, Hatha, Asthanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation.  With an emphasis on supporting and empowering students by creating body awareness through visual, audible and hands on assistance, Ilona provides students with a one of a kind yoga experience.  Currently leading individuals at Yoga Six, Fit Athletic Club, and several corporate locations in Southern California.  Ilona is passionate about spreading the art and science of transformation through yoga and offers multiple ways to connect off the mat.

Death Valley National Park Barnhart Photography


Ilona’s curiosity takes her on grand adventures across oceans as well as mini excursions in her backyard.  With her film camera in one hand and her hubby in the other, Ilona can’t imagine a better pastime.  In the form of photographs Ilona encapsulates the memory of places and faces that are now a part of her life experience.

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