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Travel Hacks

Here’s a list of my favorite hacks for travel to prevent or minimize jetlet:


1. Most importantly, in my opinion, is grounding or earthing before your departure and again upon arrival at your destination.  This resets your inner qualibrium with the earth, which is especially helpful after any air travel. If your curious, click here, grounding or earthing, essentially the same thing, has so many benefits and there’s real science to back it. 

Green Juice

2. Alkaline your body with a fresh juice the morning you are traveling. This helps combat the acidity that rises in the body due to stress of air travel that contributes to jetleg. 


3. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. I think we all know how important water is yet we are a society of very dehydrated individuals, so I added it here just in case you live under a rock but read my blog 🙂 But also a very simple thing to add before traveling that helps prevent jetleg. 


4. Get plenty of sleep the night before you take off on your adventure. 


5. Try these nifty pills made from herbs in New Zealand that claim to aid with jet leg. The way it works is you chew on a table upon take off, every 2 hours there after, and one more upon arrival. Brian took them on this trip and liked them.

 We both followed 1-4 hacks and didn’t experience any jetleg though we traveled over 10 hours and a day into the future. 

OR keep the buzz going 

If you don’t care to try any of these suggestions you can always drink the night before, at the airport, on the plane and finally at your destination, sleep it all off that night and your golden. The key thing here is to keep the buzz going, so no matter what your good. 

Over to you!

Do you have a travel ritual? Any travel hacks you swear by or things you like to do to prepare?  Share them with us!

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