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Fourth Chakra at a Glance


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This month we dive into Anahata Chakra, the heart of the matter, the bridge between the upper three and lower three chakras.  Our ability to bring forth ideas into the physical realm with love relays on our emotional health.  This month is all about regaining our basic right to love and be loved.

Did you know, in utero your heart (a giant muscle that spirals together to make it’s shape) forms before your arms do?  This is such an incredibly beautify and genius way for life to show us how to go about this thing we call life ~ fill up first 🙂  Also, your heart beat is more unique than your finger print! Mind blown.


Join the conversation below as I explore Anahata Chakra, provide some questions for deeper inquiry, and explain Inner Child Work, to bring about healing to emotional wounds.  Most importantly explore forgiving yourself and others this month.  Notice what happens.

Over to you!  Did anything pop up? Coming from a home where my parents divorced it took years before I even realized that I could forgive my mom for leaving, though she did so because my dad was an abusive alcoholic.  Somehow I was able to forgive him way before I could her, not sure how that makes sense.  Emotional wounds run deep, my relationships are not prefect, I’m not perfect, but what I have learned is that I do better with a little more compassion and kindness toward myself and others.  We all have battle scares, we all have wounds…

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