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My Life Story || Day 2

My Life Story

#the100dayproject continues with day 2 – my entire life story in three minutes including my highest highs and lowest lows.

Ready Set Go!

Video Transcribed

I was born in a small town covered/buried by mountains, Zakopan, Poland.  My mom, sister, and I moved to the United States when I was just 8.5 years young.  My grandma was living in Chicago, IL at the time and won the residence/green card lotto for our family. HUGE deal. A real dream come true. This was my highest high moment of my life – moving to the states. Everyone that I knew dreamt of it. We were the ones who had a shot at out dream. This was also one of my lowest points in life – moving to the United States. The combination of culture shock, not being fluent in the English language, no bilingual programs at the elementary school my sister and I attended, and leaving my dad in Poland, resulted in years of stress, depression, and anger.

Skipping to college years, leaving high school for another day.  I went to college for 2 years, took a pause, like a five year pause.  Stopped dating, cutely hair, grew out my eyebrows, no more makeup, and was sober for 3 years.  During this time a ton of healing happened in particular my relationship with my dad and step dad.  I also had a lot of time to soul search and ask very deep questions and had the time to ponder them. I also begin to envision my life companion.

After the five years (which is another good story for another day).  I went back to college and finished my B.A. in Art and Sciences with Cultural Anthropology as my main focus and Photography and the arts as a second.  Life transforming in a completely different way.  I also re connected with my husband, another high high in my life.

I got married 4 years ago and moved out WEST.  Been living here ever since, Oceanside, CA.

My Life Story in 3 minutes…watch it here…


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