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A Podcast Interview

My Podcast Interview 

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by boss babe Veronica Sek, for her podcast Gettin Down With Your Roots, earlier this year.  Veronica Sek is a yogi, premium essential oil expert and distributor, and fellow Polish girl.  The link below will take you directly to my interview.  Sit with a cup of tea as we chat about my ancestry, my winding path to healing and transformation which has landed my on a podcast on iTunes and how that’s just the beginning.

I would like to add a clarifier.  When I say that teaching yoga is not the most lucrative profession/passion it’s because I believe it to be an accurate representation of the current state of affairs.  Is that the complete truth and are all yogis broke?  Absolutely not.   In fact, choosing yoga as a profession can be a very satisfying endeavor on all accounts.  It takes a shift in perspective though, clear goal setting, and action, which I am currently navigating through myself.



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