On That Inner Quest

New Zealand landscape with letters spelling yoga
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New Zealand landscape with letters spelling Human Design
Chart Readings | UNRAVEL Sessions


"I felt so seen, and so perfectly described. It is clear to me that Ilona’s understanding of HD goes beyond just being well learned, she also understands it intuitively in a way that allows her to bring all of the separate aspects of a chart into a beautifully cohesive reading."

 Upon getting my reading from Ilona, everything became clearer. Like a camera lens focusing on this big, beautiful picture. I am a Reflector...I think a HDR from Ilona was a wonderful way to get to know myself in depth, and better understand how I tick, why I do what I do, and how it impacts everyone around me.

"Ilona opened me up to a whole new way of being my authentic self. As she read my chart I just felt like she was reading an unwritten book about me!"

Ilona is an artist, healer, and teacher. 

She lives to blend tonics of insight and inspiration from multiple sources to create something entirely new, a new sort of medicine. Medicine that empowers you to untangle your mind and life from conditions and agreements you didn’t even know you made. Untangling is a rewarding process-oriented journey that never truly ends. At the center is you seeing and accepting more parts of yourself. Basically you’re learning how to hold space for the difference within, the outcome is an integration of diverse aspects of self into oneness. This acceptance and compassion for the difference within extends outward to life around you, whilst understanding that oneness has nothing to do with sameness. Lastly, most profoundly, you discover that you’ve got you, that you always have; Ilona simply creates a space of remembrance.

Lover of movement and the lights in the sky, always on that inner quest.


"My Human Design experience with Ilona was beautiful. The way she communicates so intuitively makes it resonate that much more. Finding out I’m a Generator made so much sense, but I learned so much about myself in such a short amount of time."

"It was like seeing myself in a mirror of cosmic love and acceptance. Having myself explained and revealed to myself in significant detail. I was shocked at how accurately my inner/outer workings, motivations and desires were described. Like, down to the bones of my heart. It was incredibly affirming."

"Having my chart read by Ilona was eye opening, reassuring and she helped explain why I felt certain ways with certain situations. With her explanation it also gave me an idea of what to expect when I manifest, how to do it, the timing and what I can do to feel more empowered by pointing out my strengths (and opportunities!)"

"This is that kind of thing that tells you it’s ok to have these things society calls ‘faults’ and this reading takes your ‘bad’ side and makes you feel beautiful again. I didn’t want her to stop talking. It was the best thing I’ve heard in my lifetime."

Ilona Barnhart twisted in a yoga pose called Eagle at the lowest point in Death Valley National Park, Badwater Basin. 282 feet below sea level, surreal landscape.
Badwater Basin – Death Valley National Park