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The Five Types In Human Design

We all have a unique energetic signature that our soul chose to maneuver through this material plane with. Discovering and aligning with our type can bring a deep sense of comfort as we learn to trust and surrender to the body’s intelligence. That’s basically what reconditioning is all about – trusting in your unique inner guidance, which takes the pressure off of the analytical mind. But that’s also where the bulk of the inner work is – allowing the mind to take a backseat in directing your life. 

So if the mind is no longer the main guiding force in your life what is?

That’s where the types come in. So we have the Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector and Reflector. Each has a specific, practical, and simple (simple not easy) process along with signposts to direct your reconditioning process. If you don’t experience flow, ease, meaningful coincidences, satisfaction, peace, success, and surprise in your life after a month of giving this a try, by all means drop it like it’s hot, and walk away. But there’s a reason why Human Design has everyone talking. Discover your type.






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Learn more about THE FIVE TYPES

Than BOOK A SESSION for an in-depth reading to discover your gifts and strengths as well as where you’re most susceptible to conditioning and what to do about it.

*Especially insightful for parents supporting kids in expressing their authenticity.

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