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Eastern Body, Western Mind Conclusion

Restoration of the Sacred

Bookworms!  Thank you so much for coming on this 9 month long journey with me.  SO much has transpired.  It’s been a time of self-study and growth, of shifting energy and letting old things that no longer serve go, stepping up in the world and taking responsibility for you life, becoming empowered to co-create your reality.  So so honored to be here with you all.

Having said that if you haven’t even cracked open the book, know that that is PERFECT.  You are exactly where you are suppose to be and I completely believe that.  When you are ready, you’ll know the time has come to dive deeper when you become curious about the gems in this book, you’ll pick it up on your own time.  If you wanna chat about this stuff in the future reach out, I love it all, so please feel free!

“For it is indeed consciousness that makes the body fully alive, and the body that gives consciousness a place to live.”  – p.442 Anodea Judith in Eastern Body, Western Mind.

By doing the work and healing the wounds we carry, “We break down the barriers that keep us from experiencing love, barriers that obscure the truth of our divine nature.  We break through the illusions that keep us from seeing clearly, from deep understanding.” p. 438 PS the work never ends, there is alway another layer…

Identifying a wound simply means pausing after you notice a trigger.  A trigger is like a red flag that signals a deep deep old wound that needs healing.  A trigger is anything that makes you snap or react in a way other than what you would like after the moment has passed.  Typically results in life detracting behavior. What is the belief under this reaction/trigger?  Trace it back to it’s origin.  Does that still apply?  Is it relevant and true?  Is this your truth?

Healing is a process of letting the energy that has been locked in our bodies go.  These bolder like blocks in our energetic body helped us to cope with trauma.  As we age these blocks no longer serve us, rather they obscure our true nature and our ability to connect with ourselves and the world around us.  Allowing the energy, in emotional form, pass through us, we give it space to express itself and we release ourselves from its hold.

How can you tell you have healed?  When the trigger is no longer present.  When the memory of the trauma or mention no longer elicits a somatic response.  When there is complete forgiveness and a let go, there is love, when there is love there is only softness and ease.

“If we are going to put ourselves out there and love with our whole hearts, we’re going to experience heartbreak.  If we’re going to try new, innovative things, we’re going to fail.  If we’re going to risk caring and engaging, we’re going to experience disappointment.” – Brene Brown

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