RAD & BLISSFUL is a wellness portal to an extraordinary life combining inspiration, wisdom and musings from yoga, mindfulness and Human Design. This fusion of knowledge is a simple guide to moment to moment self-awareness - the catalyst of any transformation. Ultimately leading to radical and complete self-acceptance; a coming home to one's authentic, magnetic and blissful self.

Rad and Blissful


What started as a personal blog, encapsulating a yogis evolution as well as art (photography), two and a half years ago, morphed into a rad community of individuals on a mission to cultivating real lasting bliss.

Rad & Blissful is a global movement spreading quickly for two reasons:

Radical transformation is easily attainable and rapid, now more than ever, simply because You are your own GURU, HEALER, and THE KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR.

By discovering and connecting to your true essence you join rad individuals on a path to discovering lasting bliss. (And I'm not referring to a happy-go-lucky, no stress, test free, kind of reality. It's more like sustainable peace no matter the external circumstance, strength in opposition and distress, an ability to manifest more by doing less, more flow, and way less hustle).


It begins with a choice to pay attention to your surroundings, growing that muscle of self-awareness through mindfulness. As within so without. Leaning on proven tools such as yoga (which includes breathwork, movement, meditation, self-reflection) to navigate what you see. Empowered by the knowledge of Human Design (what is and isn't your authentic self) you get to choose what stays or goes in your life, moment by moment. So that the internal 'you' is authentically expressed in the physical realm i.e. you living your daydream. Your desires are not random after all - you're meant to have everything your soul authentically wants.

Ilona Barnhart Surrounded by Tall trees in Grand Canyon

Ilona Barnhart

Ilona Barnhart is the founder and soul of Rad & Blissful. Ilona's nonjudgemental disposition and empathy are the gifts she brings to the world.

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