Originally from Zakopane Poland, Ilona is an Artist, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, and Human Design Analyst living in Southern California.

SIGN :: Fierce in the pursuit of radical bliss with Sun and Moon in Leo and ascendant Aries. Born on a New Moon in Leo.

A Pure Manifesting Generator with 5/1 Profile empowering you to live your most rad and bliss filled life.

Currently enjoying a minimalist beach life in Southern CA, Ilona is manifesting a self-sustainable container home off the beaten path with a retreat house for visitors, surrounded by mountain tops, tall trees, and a body of water.


  • 34+ years of life experience
  • 8 years of Entrepreneurism
  • 5 years of Conscious Marriage
  • 1 year of Pet Parenting
  • Bachelor of Art + Sciences in Cultural Anthropology
  • Photography, Film & Digital + Design
  • 200 hour + Continuing Yoga Teacher Training
  • Human Design Analyst + Channel
  • Integrative Nutrition + Life Coaching
  • Dreamwork