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420 Sage Zoology

420 + Sage + Zoology

Today I discuss the significance of 420, perform a cleansing sage ritual and chat about zoology. Join me!

Here’s the video transcribed:


4/20/2011 is when I started my own business! It’s a complete coincidence that it lands on 4/20 – funny one at that. My husband, boyfriend at the time, had this incredible idea that he shared with a few people but not one knew what to do next, they all said it was great idea though. I, on the other hand, have a mind for business and believed in his vision. When he agreed to partner with me, I asked him what we needed and how much would the initial investment be. He got back to me with the numbers and we met half way. That’s how ZBooth was born! A 5×5 traveling event Photo Booth, decked out with the props and everything! Our line moved quickly and it was smashing success for three years in Chicago.

Than we moved out West. A month before our move, we got hitched. Joined our businesses and changed ZBooth to Barnhart.Photography! The rest is still ever evolving.

Check out my photo venture here Barnhart WeddingsBarnhart Photography

“Brian, Thanks again for creating the most beautiful memories possible for us. We could not be happier with all of our photos. You are so awesome and easy to work with too. Thanks for everything! Mike & Stephanie”


Is a bush like plant and comes in different varieties, the green kind you can consume and cook in food, while the white sage is used for burning. I LOVE the smell of sage and burn it frequency, although I took a pause as I have some palo santo I’ve been burning. Same idea. Both are used in ceremonies, cleansing, and clearing rituals. I recently took note of my white scarf/shall hanging in my closet, I’m going to cleans it with sage and make it a new home for The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck.

Thanks for coming along!


  1. the scientific study of the behavior, structure, physiology, classification, and distribution of animals.
    • the animal life of a particular area or time.

The Nature Connection p.54 – 55 GuideBook 

Remember for a moment that these creatures exist in the wild. They surround us. Other than spirit cards (which belong to the unseeable and subtle realm) these creatures are out there as we speak, being fully and completely themselves. Studying them through a biological lens will deepen your relationship to these cards. Research their behavior, their habitats. Look at their shape, what they eat, how they communicate. How do they live? Fast or slow, with others or in solitude? What are their tendencies? To fight, flee, or make friends? Take some time with these questions and observe the animal for what it is. Set all of your previous assumptions aside and watch a video of a cheetah chasing it’s prey. Watch a Moth dancing around candlelight. Get in touch with the essence  and feeling it conjures up in you. This is perhaps the most advanced and powerful to use your Animal Spirit Cards.

I FREAKIN LOVE THIS. I intend to do this. & to take you along for the adventure.

Are you ready? Although I am against Zoo’s, in the sense that I do not visit, for many uncomplicated as well as complicated reasons. I will for this end. What better way to get in touch then by getting close? Was this, to some degree, one of the reasons behind Zoo’s? I’ve been to the Safari Park, that feels different to me, as animals have much more room and share habitats. I do hear that San Diego Zoo is quite marvelous though…

Your thoughts?



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